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Be the Host With The Most and make our gourmet olives and extra virgin olive oil the centrepiece of your grazing platter. Choose any 3 olive varieties to complement your 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Whether you’re hosting guests or preparing an antipasto platter for yourself, try all three table olive varieties and our signature extra virgin olive oil in one easy bundle. In the box is:

1 x Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

1 x Traditional Kalamata 185g

1 x Smoked Kalamata 185g

1 x Mediterranean 185g

Remember, our olives are stored at ambient temperatures (they don’t require refrigeration) and keep for up-to two years, so you don’t have to use them all at once if you feel like saving some for later.

If you feel your olives are on the fresh and bitter side you may have new season olives. Drizzle some EVOO over them to help balance the flavour.

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Dimensions 36 × 15 × 10 cm