Welcome to Kangaroo Island Olives

Kangaroo Island is a place of unspoiled nature, deep restoring breaths and invigoration. It's rugged elegance inspires so much of what we do and how we live. Surrounded by water, with access to the mainland only by boat or plane, it has remained a sanctuary for an extraordinary variety of native wildlife. This ensures our ecosystems are healthy and resilient, and the environment can continue to deliver life-supporting services.

As a result, here at Kangaroo Island Olives we grow our produce using sunshine and rainfall. Nature does all the work.

Olive Trees & Honey Bees

Ligurian bees were brought to Kangaroo Island in the early 1880’s and in 1885, the island was declared a bee sanctuary with no further imports allowed. Now home to the purest remaining strain of Ligurian Bees in the world, Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bee honey is an icon of the island’s current food offering. The Ligurian Olive Tree, amongst other olive cultivars, was introduced to Kangaroo Island in the early 1990's by Domenico Esposito. Developed over four hundred years ago by the Saint Benedictine monks of the Italian Riviera, it's a dual-purpose olive used for making extra virgin olive oil and table olives. Its fruit quality and yields prompted more tree plantings which occurred in 2019. Further plantings are scheduled to continue into the future. Pictured: Michael Esposito (photo by Nadinne Grace Photography).

Bringing it all together

Make no mistake, it's the Islands seclusion from the mainland that is the overriding influence on artisan food producers. Free from mainland predators such as foxes, goats and rabbits and from any influence of genetically modified crops, there is an unmistakable quality of purity and flavour in our produce. Our strong regard for ethical food production is an understandable extension of the community’s respect for the natural world. Simply stated, this is food as it was meant to taste. Pictured: Little Liguria (photo by Nadinne Grace Photography).

Meet the Producer

For so long, Kangaroo Island food was a tightly held secret. Now the secret is out and the demand for its delicious produce is growing each day.