Discover Kangaroo Island


It was on Monday, March 22nd 1802 when Captain Matthew Flinders named this southern land 'KANGUROO ISLAND'. It's totally ironic the circumstances in which the name Kangaroo Island came about. Nowadays, island produce is world renown for its pure environment, quality and sustainability. Fair to say Captain Flinders would agree.


Captain Matthew Flinders, Commander of H.M Sloop Investigator wrote: '... a number of dark brown kangaroos were seen feeding upon the grass plat... our landing gave them no disturbance'  (the ships crew had spent months at sea without fresh provisions, and consequently the morning was spent in the slaughter of thirty-one kangaroos) '... in gratitude for so seasonable a supply, I named this southern land Kanguroo Island' 


200 years later, Kangaroo Island is described by locals and visitors as a 'zoo with no fences'. World famous for it's wilderness, abundant wildlife and ocean scenery - it's the kind of spot you'll read about yet some places in life cannot be described by words. My advise, discover Kangaroo Island for yourself.


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