Kalamata Olives (8kg)


Traditional Kalamata olives now in bulk food-service size.

Perfect for food-service and catering, each 8kg box includes 5 ‘stand-up’ resealable pouches (1.6kg each).

Varieties include whole kalamata, sliced kalamata, and halved kalamata.


Traditional Kalamata olives, now in bulk food-service size. Naturally fermented and finished in red wine vinegar, the Kalamata olives are harvested each year between May and June. They undergo a natural fermentation process which takes at least six months to complete. Our traditional method of slow curing olives ensures the best quality and flavour.

Ingredients: Kalamata olives, water, salt, red wine vinegar.

Serving Instructions: Olives are best served at room temperature. Discard brine and marinate using Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Storage Instructions: Store in cool, dry place. Refrigerate once opened and reseal pouch after each use. Keep olives submerged in brine. Prolonged exposure to heat, light and air may affect quality. Olives are whole and contain pits.

Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions39 × 18 × 22 cm

Halved, Sliced, Whole