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Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an essential part of any kitchen for three main reasons;



Cold pressed and packed full of antioxidants, it’s the mono-unsaturated fats in EVOO that make it so good for us. EVOO helps to improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, control weight and fight against premature signs of aging. Yeah - it literally does all that.  



EVOO has a taste of its own. Obviously it's great on salads and bread but its just as delicious when drizzled over meat, pasta, baked potatoes, corn... you name it. Anytime you need something in the pan to keep your veggies or meat from sticking use a couple tablespoons of EVOO. Studies show EVOO has a smoke point of 210 C which means it can be used for frying. However, it's best consumed as a raw ingredient - that is of course if you want to retain maximum health benefits and flavours. 



Olives are harvested early in the season to bring you a fresh, well-balanced, mild-to-medium flavour that’s uniquely Kangaroo Island. A quality EVOO will have a good balance of bitterness and pungency along with pleasant aromas and positive fruity attributes. Medium bodied extra virgin olive oils are the perfect go-to EVOO's for everyday use.


To learn more about Australian EVOO please visit australianextravirginoliveoil.com